bSmart Diabetes Management



bSmart is a smart diabetes management system which leverages machine learning and blockchain technologies to help diabetics manage their blood glucose (BG) levels within a controlled range thereby helping them to avoid long-term consequences of this chronic disease. 

Most insulin-dependent diabetics struggle to keep their BG levels within range due to the complicated nature of human body’s response to food, insulin, physical activity, emotions and other external factors like weather, temperature etc. This is especially difficult among kids with Type 1 diabetes as their bodies are constantly changing and so are their insulin requirements. 

bSmart ingests data from insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and food intake in real-time, and analyzes the body’s response to find patterns and provides a four hour BG forecast based on this analysis. This forecast alerts the users of an impending high BG or low BG event both of which are harmful with short and long term health consequences. Using this forecast Users can adjust their insulin and food intake. Users can interact with the system either through a smart phone app or a chatbot via text messages.

The data will be stored via blockchain into a distributed file system (IPFS). This system will allow users to control the access to their data. We strongly believe that data is an asset and it belongs to our customers.


Check out a demo of bSmart